Pad Dryers & Pad Dryers Plus

HollywoodWinds' Pad Dryer & Pad Dryer Plus offer several unique benefits not available from any other product.

The patented ring at the end of the Pad Dryer a micro fiber swab to be used, removing more moisture from the instrument.

Micro fibers allow the Pad Dryer and Pad Dryer Plus to be thinner, making it easier to insert and remove out the Pad Dryer.



Pad Dryer for:
PD-SOP Soprano Saxophone $16.00
PD-ALT Alto Saxophone $18.00
PD-TEN Tenor Saxophone $19.00
PD-FL Flute $10.50
PD-CL Clarinet $11.75
PD-A Alto Saxophone Neck $8.50
PD-T Tenor Saxophone Neck $9.50


Pad Dryer+ for:
PDP-SOP Soprano Saxophone $21.95
PDP-ALT Alto Saxophone $25.00
PDP-TEN Tenor Saxophone $25.00
PDP-FL Flute $13.00
PDP-CL Clarinet $16.25
PDN-A Alto Saxophone Neck $8.50
PDN-T Tenor Saxophone Neck $9.50