Revelation Ergo Straps

Hollywoodwinds' Revelation® Ergo Strap™ is the first significant advancement in saxophone straps in decades.

And it's not just because of the breathable mesh, preventing heat build-up.

Or the totally adjustable length, and the voice of two different styles of clip.

The exclusive, removable bumper rides above your neck, gently massaging away tension as you play.



"In more than 50 years of playing both tenor and baritone saxophones, I know the DISCOMFORT and STRESS that comes from poorly designed neck straps. I was delighted to learn that the newly designed REVELATION neck strap helps me to continue playing with COMFORT and RELAXATION well into the foreseeable future. All saxophonists should have it!”–William G. "Doc" Webster, Sr., Jazz saxophonist

“It’s so comfortable . . . sometimes I forget it’s there.”–Ben Benavides, Instructor and Musician

"I never saw or felt a better strap. It definitely is the Cadillac of the sax straps. Fords & Chevys are OK, but they're not the best. This strap is the best!! It makes you feel like practicing. I will invite all my Sax playing friends to come over and see it. They don't even have to try it. All they have to do is see the quality and they will want it. It's even ERGONOMIC and GOOD on the back !! Keep on thinking of new products for us Sax players. Thanks Again" –Dennis Bonk, Saxophonist


Revelation® Ergo Strap™

Swivel Hook, Regular Length $25.00
Swivel Hook, Extra Long $25.00
Metal Hook, Regular Length $25.00
Metal Hook, Extra Long $25.00